Paying for Rehab

The cost of drug rehab can be a deterrent for many addicts when it comes to getting help for their disease. They simply may not be able to afford it. Thankfully, there are options for most individuals. State-funded rehab facilities which are much less expensive or even free are available.  Some hospitals also offer drug rehabilitation programs. While the less expensive options typically are out-patient facilities and programs, there are some which allow individuals to stay for both short and long lengths of time.

There are two primary ways to pay for drug rehab. Some individuals will find that their health insurance will cover it, while others will have to pay for the expense out-of-pocket. There are free programs for people who have absolutely no money but who need treatment. These may be offered through local not-for-profits, state funded programs or churches.

More expensive drug rehab programs typically offer more of a spa-like environment.  Patients may have their meals prepared by a highly esteemed chef, have their own room and nicer amenities.  Cheaper or free drug rehab centers will often have more than one person to a room, the meals may not be as fancy and they may have far less amenities.  However, simply because a drug rehab program costs more does not mean that it will be more effective in helping individuals get off of drugs. There are a number of factors that contribute to people to being able to quit using drugs.  Probably most important is that person’s willingness and readiness to quit the drug and also whether or not they find a drug rehab program that fits their needs.