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Drug rehab offers both medical and psychological treatment for persons who are addicted to drugs.  Rehab may be voluntary or involuntary.  Some individuals are forced or strongly influenced by their family, friends or the courts to get help.  Typically, persons have the greatest chance for success when they are ready to enter rehab on their own. When they do it involuntarily or are pressured to do so, their goal is often times to please someone else and this motivation can wane as they face the realities and difficulties (physical and psychological) of getting off of drugs.

It is very difficult to stop using drugs because there are physical, emotional and psychological factors to drug addiction. An individual first has to get over the physical cravings and withdrawals when they initially attempt to quit.  This can be very hard on the body and the psyche and many people relapse during this period. They would rather have the drug then deal with the withdrawal symptoms. This is why in many instances, it is best to go to a medical rehab center that specializes in treating individuals during this detoxification period. These types of centers will be able to help individuals successfully get through this part of the rehabilitation process.

Individuals may become addicted to drugs because they have some type of emotional ties to taking the drugs and/or the culture surrounding it.  If getting high was something that they did with family or friends then they may in some ways associate drug use with the emotion of love or feelings of camaraderie. This is why it is very important that a drug rehab program have some type of psychological support or counseling to help individuals determine why they have turned to drugs.

There are different types of rehab facilities. Some are more holistic in nature, require longer stays and attempt to address the various reasons that someone has started taking drugs.  Some are religious in nature. A person should go where they feel most comfortable.

Many of those addicted to drugs require more than one stay before they are finally able to get clean.  Some people are able to quit drugs on their own.  However, many others are not.    Because there is often so much involved concerning why a person becomes addicted to drugs, it is very difficult to untangle this web on one’s own.

Having trained individuals to help a person get through physical detox and then help them figure out and address the issues that keep them addicted often makes drug rehab necessary or in many cases ideal.  Individuals will have a team of experts that are trying their best to help them shake their drug problem.

Rehab also allows a drug addict the opportunity to get away from their surroundings which may contribute to their drug use. They may have friends or associates that are also drug users.  Getting them out of that environment may be the only real opportunity they have to stop taking drugs.

Individuals who take drugs, in many cases do so because they feel bad, are depressed or anxious.  Drugs help numb feelings of pain and allow people to ignore situations or events in their past that may be painful and traumatic.  A successful rehab program will help individuals uncover what they are trying to hide or avoid thinking about.  Often times it takes an individual to the next step when they find a rehab.  Many times once they this has been accomplished and the addict has gotten past the physical cravings of the drugs, they are able to beat their addiction.