Advantages to Attending a Holistic Drug Rehab

holistic Drug Rehab BenefitsJust as there are many types and personalities of people in the world, there are also many variations of rehab facilities. Some are rather cold and medicinal while others are luxurious and cater to the ultra-wealthy. Still others are more holistic in nature and offer a wide range of alternative therapies for their patients. So, what are the benefits and advantages to attending a holistic rehab?

There are a few types of treatment that are available at a holistic center that may not be available at a more traditional rehab. These types of modalities include:

  • Reiki
  • Acupuncture
  • Rapid eye technology
  • Meditation
  • Specific diet and exercise

Each of these modalities brings a special benefit to the patient. For instance, Reiki is an energetic healing process that focuses energy to help the patient’s body heal itself. It has shown results in the easing of withdrawal symptoms in some patients as well as residual pain from opiate abuse.

In addition to the alternative treatments available at a holistic rehab, the patient may also find specialized diets focusing on vegetarian influences to help cleanse the body of toxins from food as well as toxins from drugs or alcohol addiction.

3 Important Advantages Found in Holistic Rehab

1. Detoxification

When an individual enters a rehab facility, they can expect a detox period right away. This is the time period through which an individual’s body will eliminate the “leftover” drugs in their system. In a holistic treatment center, there is more to detox than simply not taking drugs. A holistic facility will spend time with the patient clearing the system of other toxins as well through the use of cleanses and energy work as it is required.

2. Learning to Handle Stress in a Healthy Way

One of the reasons that some addicts relapse after leaving rehab has to do with daily stress. Without the proper coping skills, an addict may return to old habits or escape routes to avoid the stresses and challenges they face once they leave rehab. A holistic facility teaches techniques including yoga or Reiki to help the recovering addict deal with stress in healthy and positive ways.

3. Finding Comfort in Spirit

Many rehab treatment centers follow programs that include the belief in a higher power. A holistic treatment center is no different, but they take the influence of one’s higher power in combination with the spirit of the individual. A holistic facility can often respect any and all spiritual paths, applying the power that the recovering addict holds true to the individual’s ability to know that power within their own character.

When considering a holistic treatment facility instead of a traditional medical rehab, it is necessary to invest your entire being into the process. The mind, body and spirit connection is profound. When you decide to use a holistic approach to healing, you must bring a commitment and deep understanding of how powerful the individual is and how important they are to their own healing process.