Celebrity Deaths at Age 27 Related to Substance Abuse

Celbrity Drug DeathsThere has been much speculation about the coincidental deaths of several prominent, famous or infamous musicians who have died under drug- and alcohol-related circumstances at the age of 27. These artists include:

  • Brian Jones. The former member of the Rolling Stones who drowned in 1969. Drugs and alcohol were suspected to be a major contributing factor to his drowning.
  • Jim Morrison. The lead singer and front man for The Doors, a 1960s counter-culture rock band known for its psychedelic sounds and fantasy-like aura.
  • Janis Joplin. The charismatic young woman who made her mark in a world dominated by men, only to suffer the effects of drugs and alcohol a mere three years after reaching stardom.
  • Kurt Cobain. Arguably the godfather of Grunge, his band, Nirvana, took the down-to-earth garage band sound of Seattle around the world.
  • Jimi Hendrix. The master of the “controlled-distortion” guitar riff who defined the 1960s in terms of music, funk, jazz and rock.
  • Amy Winehouse. The incredibly talented vocalist and musician most famous for her hit song “Rehab” who died under confusing circumstances that led many to speculate alcohol may have been involved.

Fans of these amazing artists have often pondered what wonderful lives they must have had. Others consider how distraught they must have been, how tormented by their respective art. Over the years, writers and bloggers have make excuses for them, citing how the world would have been robbed of the masterpieces of creation born of the “Club 27″ had they not been so tormented, artistic and soulful.

The truth is entirely different.

The Truth About Club 27

Each member of what has been called “Club 27″ (because each of the individuals died when they were 27 years old) was addicted to or heavily abused drugs and alcohol. In each of these cases, the addict died as a result of their drug use, with the exception of Brian Jones and Amy Winehouse, where drugs and alcohol are strongly suspected.

Each of these young talents could have survived, continued to create amazing works of art and lived long, healthy lives entertaining the masses and establishing a greater catalog of works to leave behind for future generations.

While Amy Winehouse had attended rehab as recently as a few months before she died, many of the others had made no attempt to seek help. In fact, with the counter-culture drug movement of the 1960s, several members of the club probably didn’t see that any problem existed.

There Is Nothing Romantic About a Drug-Related Death

There are only two manners in which an addict can use drugs for the final time. The first is to enter rehab – to make the final choice to never use drugs or alcohol again. The second manner to stop using drugs became the involuntary choice for the members of Club 27 as well as thousands of other people each year. It doesn’t take a scientist to realize that the first option is the better of the two.

The artists who make up Club 27 are gone forever. With them, untold numbers of artists, doctors, mothers, children, musicians and everyday Joes have been lost to the illness of addiction. If you’re suffering from addiction, don’t rob the world of the artistic masterpiece that is you. Choose life.