Drug Detox

Drug Detox is a very important part of the drug rehab process. When individuals detox, they are getting rid of drug residue and the toxins that have accumulated in the body due to their drug use. Until a person is able to completely clear their system, they will have both physical and behavioral symptoms related to the drugs they used.

The withdrawal symptoms will be largely dependent on the types of the drugs that a person has taken. Some drugs will cause worse withdrawal symptoms then others. For example, it would likely be more difficult, physically, to quit crack cocaine then it would be to quit marijuana. The Withdrawal of the latter will be much easier from a physical standpoint.

Detox can be a very harrowing time for individuals who have become addicted to drugs. It may become even more so if people are addicted to more then one substance, for example drugs and alcohol.

Detox programs will differ. Some centers will use drugs such a methadone to lessen the symptoms . Other centers will let a person detox naturally. Natural detox is much more difficult for addicts but may be necessary in some cases.

Many addicts are most fearful of the detox process. Addicts may vomit, have chills, hallucinate, the shakes and break out in cold sweats. They will also likely be in a bad mood and may snap at those around them. This is why it is typically best to detox in a facility that is set up for addicts to make the transition to getting clean.

Trained professionals will be able to better explain the process and will also be informed enough to know if something is out of the ordinary. Many people who attempt to quit cold turkey or on their own, often give up when they are going through detox. This is because it is uncomfortable, painful and extremely difficult. However, it is also required.

Individuals will continue to have drug associated behavioral and physical symptoms as well as cravings until their bodies are free of drugs. Detox helps the body get free of drugs. Though it is tough, it is the first step to getting drug free.

People can detox at home. However, they should research the process so they have some idea about what will take place. If they are educated on the subject, they won’t get scared and resort to taking drugs in order to stop the withdrawal symptoms.

If an individual decides to go to a facility to detox, they should be sure to talk to the staff about their policies and programs. They need to find out if the detox program is drug free or if they will be given methadone. If a person has a preference, they should let it be known. Also get advice on the matter – that is most important.  A great way to become educated is to read the information available to you here, to better understand drug addiction, drug rehabs, and how to find a drug rehab.