How Long Is a Vicodin Addiction Treatment Program?

Vicodin RehabAs with any type of recovery process, the length of time an individual addicted to Vicodin may need for recovery depends upon many factors, including:

  • How long the individual has been addicted to or used Vicodin
  • Whether the individual has other addictions that must be addressed
  • Whether the individual has a dual diagnosis that has led to the addiction
  • Whether the treatment program is inpatient or outpatient in nature

A treatment program can be designed specifically for an individual person. The recovery center may tailor the needs of the addict with the available resources and suggest an amount of time to attend the program.

There are several steps to the recovery process that are based upon statistical medical fact which are roughly the same for every person, such as the length of time it takes the human body to detox from heavy drug use.


The first stage of any recovery from an addiction to Vicodin or other opiates will be the detoxification period. This generally lasts four to five days, depending upon the health of the individual and the amount of Vicodin normally consumed.

The most severe withdrawal symptoms begin as soon as the effects of the Vicodin wear off or metabolize out of the addict’s system. The symptoms can range from severe bone and joint pain to nausea and vomiting, sleeplessness, restless muscles and sweating. This withdrawal period can be undergone at home, at a hospital or in some rehab centers that have facilities to care for detoxifying patients.

Drug Rehab

Once the individual’s system has purged the immediate effects of Vicodin abuse, the actual drug rehab process can begin. The individual may still suffer some pain in the bones and joints because Vicodin and other opiates actually create physical pain. This is one reason why so many individuals who might not otherwise consider the use of street drugs find themselves addicted to their legally obtained prescriptions.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there is no exact time frame for successful rehabilitation from any type of drug. Their studies have shown, however, that any treatment less than 90 days in length will have minimal effects. Therefore, it is recommended that an individual remain in treatment, either inpatient or outpatient, actively for at least three months.

If the treatment beings in a residential facility, it is important to continue that treatment on a daily basis with intensive outpatient therapy for the remainder of the recommended time period. The actual length of time that the recovering addict should spend in treatment will ultimately hinge on their dedication, diagnoses and other personal factors.


The recovery process for Vicodin addiction can last the addict’s entire lifetime. Depending upon how much drug abuse the individual experienced, the length of time the addiction lasted, the emotional stability of the addict and their newfound ability to handle the stresses of daily life, some addicts struggle less or more than others.

The most important aspect of finding a path to freedom from addiction is seeking help in the first place. Regardless of how long the process actually takes for each individual, the journey must begin with a single step.