Tips on Selecting the Best Treatment Program for Your Needs

Tips on Selecting a Drug ReahbThere are many different types of treatment centers available to those who are looking to enter recovery from drugs and alcohol. The reason there are so many options and opportunities is based upon the common understanding that there is no one treatment plan that will work for every addict.

So, how do you find the right drug and alcohol treatment program for your needs or the needs of a family member? You can start by asking yourself these questions.

  • Do you have a specific addiction that is more profound than others?
    What is your drug of choice? Are you an alcoholic? There is also the possibility that you suffer from multiple addictions. Finding a facility that has experience and knowledge in your specific addiction is a good place to start when you’re looking for a center. Many, if not all, treatment centers will be able to help with a host of issues, of course, but it is important that they are used to handling the issues most prevalent to your recovery.
  • Do you want inpatient or outpatient care?
    The choice between inpatient and outpatient care is often one of cash flow or other responsibilities. If you need to keep working in order to support your family and pay for your recovery, choosing an outpatient facility may be the best answer for you. If you have the opportunity to enter an all-inclusive inpatient type of recovery center, perhaps you may want to consider this method of total immersion therapy.
  • Do you prefer alternative treatment methods?
    For some individuals, the 12-step program is the best thing going in terms of treatment options. For others, holistic approaches that include alternative medicines like Reiki or acupuncture may be more effective. If your personality is better suited to alternative therapies, you may want to consider a holistic treatment facility that will combine traditional and spiritual healing methods.
  • Will your health and medical insurance help pay for treatment?
    Because drug abuse and addiction is a mainstream issue with afflicted individuals crossing many socioeconomic lines, many health insurance policies offer some coverage for rehab treatment services. Finding the right treatment program may hinge, at least in part, on what kinds of services your insurance will cover. Ultimately, while finances have a great deal to do with seeking help and entering treatment, the kind of treatment program you decide upon should be based on how you feel about the program and not how much it will cost.
  • Do you have dual-diagnosis issues that need to be addressed?
    Some treatment facilities will treat your addiction, helping you abstain from drug use while following treatment guidelines. Once you leave the inpatient facility or finish the outpatient program, you are left to find your way. If the underlying cause of your addictions stems from undiagnosed issues like bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other psychiatric issues, you may need more intensive treatment.

By answering these questions, you should be able to find the best possible treatment program for your needs.