What to Look for in an Executive Addiction Treatment Center

Executive RehabThe disease of addiction knows no boundaries. It can affect children, adults, the elderly, and people of every race, creed, ethnic background and economic status. In fact, there are a number of highly respected executives who have suffered from addiction. Because many treatment centers understand the need for privacy and security, there are resources available for individuals who have earned their current status through hard work and dedication.

When looking for an executive addiction treatment center, there are a few questions you may want to ask before you decide which one is best suited to your needs.

  • Is the facility private?
    High-level executives have more at stake in the privacy of their recovery process than personal embarrassment. In many cases, when the highest members of a corporation are deemed to be even temporarily ineffective, stock prices can be affected. The company you have worked so hard to create and the stockholders to whom you owe your very best efforts should not pay the price for your illness. Be certain the executive treatment center you choose knows the meaning of discretion. Consider these questions:

    • Is the facility located in an out-of-the-way place?
    • Are the grounds protected from photographers or others who may have an interest in your situation?
    • Are guests checked prior to entering the compound to ensure they have reasons to be there?
    • Are staff and all delivery personnel subjected to background checks?
  • Is the facility accommodating?
    You have worked hard for your current status. You have control over your career and you’ve earned certain rights and privileges. You have come to the conclusion that drug or alcohol use or abuse is not one of these privileges, of course, but you shouldn’t have to give up the luxuries you’ve earned. When choosing an executive addiction treatment center, consider touring the premises, speaking with other residents and ensuring that you will feel comfortable as you spend several months concentrating on your recovery.
  • Does the facility understand the pressures of an executive lifestyle?
    Running a large company or corporation contains a host of pressures unique to the profession. A rehabilitation treatment center designed for individuals in executive positions should be familiar with the nature of the career-minded individual. The staff should be able to identify with the needs and desires of the individuals they treat, as well as have the concerned aptitude to address issues head on with their charges by teaching new ways in which to cope with the pressures of daily life.
  • Does the facility offer holistic treatments?
    Many executive professionals have worked long and hard to get where they are. The “rat race” of the corporate world often leaves little time to cater to one’s own needs. Holistic techniques like a good diet, meditation, Reiki or other therapeutic massage techniques, and exercise can go a long way to reducing the stress that might lead an individual to relapse into drug abuse. An executive treatment center that offers alternative therapies can teach a recovering executive addict healthier lifestyle choices to carry with them into their pressure-filled lives.